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We combine the ancient healing of acupuncture & Chinese Medicine with modern cutting edge aesthetic treatments for the ultimate holistic wellness and skincare experience.

Healthy skin starts with a healthy gut, calm mind, and hormonal balance. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine thrive in promoting optimal physical and emotional balance within that shines through as nourished, healthy, and glowing skin. Combining acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with the more modern aesthetic treatments such as microneedling, radiofrequency, and dynamic muscle stimulation helps to strengthen treatments and prolong results.

At Lifestyle Acupuncture & Aesthetics, we strive to make acupuncture an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. With acupuncture, you can break the “sick-cycle”, restore your health, and achieve a higher quality of life. We also take pride in offering holistic aesthetic services to treat aging skin, acne, and hair loss so you can heal skin concerns without turning to neurotoxins, fillers, or harsh medications.

Join us in our movement to #DitchTheTox!


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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine used for over 3000 years that aims to restore and maintain health and balance. It is recognized by the World Health Organization, and the National Institute of Health as a safe...


Aesthetic Acupuncture

Aesthetic Acupuncture is a specific treatment protocol based on Traditional Chinese Medicine that is a safe, healthy way to rejuvenate and reawaken your natural beauty. Healthy aging starts here!


triLift by Lumenis

triLift is the first ever treatment that tones, defines, and contours your facial muscles. If you struggle with sagging jowls, wrinkles and fine lines, or uneven skin texture, triLift is the solution you've been waiting for! Stimulating your facial muscles will help you achieve and more youthful appearance with no downtime and immediate results!


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